penultimate april

Curses. I have missed 29 April, which is like, totally the mister’s fault, because I said I wanted to come home three hours ago and he insisted we stay for another beer.

One good thing I discovered tonight, the One to One’s menu has improved greatly. I mean, it still has nothing more imaginative than a club sandwich and a quesadillo, but at least it’s not just a choice between the burger or the buffet.

Talk with you tomorrow (which is technically today) for the last day of April at which point I will have completed my ‘blog every day for a month’ challenge, and after which we need to decide what I should do with this here blog.

0 thoughts on “penultimate april”

      1. yeah but then those of us not on your list wouldn’t get to read ’em. and I do so like reading your blog…

  1. May I paraphquote from the Book of Bart:
    “Decide? What’s to decide? I can’t help but notice that we are LEAVING the hospital.”

    Don’t try to sell us a blog with an untwistable stomach. Call Dr Nick.

      1. Sorry … I’m slowly and sadly coming to terms with the fact that quoting The Simpsons hasn’t been cool for ten years … and won’t be again for another 150 or so when it is recognised as the Poe of its day.

  2. I think you’re the only person I know who has actually managed to (almost) keep up with the blog-each-day-in-month thing.

    I do agree that you should keep it up for May.

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