And here we are at the end of April

Friday morning, first day of our weekend, and on account of the extra beer we stayed for last night, I did not go to my absolutely unmissable, always go, never miss it, just love it, 8.30 circuit class. Which is sort of fine, and I’ll be going to the 5.30 pump class instead and I do like that class and that teacher and so on…but now it is 9.30 and by this time on Friday, I usually feel super-good about myself and life on account of it’s only 9.30 and I’ve already done a circuit class, admiring my guns and accepting my buns…and so now the trick is to do something that makes me feel good for the next hour, so that when we get to 10.30, I will not look at the clock despondently and think, ‘Oh, 10.30 already and my life is passing me by.’ And for obvious reasons, that something has to be a little bit simple and not too loud.

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  1. i totally understand, tc… if i miss my morning walk/run on the weekends, it makes the rest of the day so different. on the other hand, when i do go, the day feels like a success, even if i do nothing else! exercising makes one feel so righteous, doesn’t it?

    p.s. you could sing… but not too loudly 😉

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