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I’ve had three haircuts in the last 14 months. One at my usual hairdresser in Goodwood, one when we went to Edinburgh and one by Cindy just two days before Christmas. That last one was rather fabulous, and if you are ever in Berri, I highly recommend her.

Anyhoo, the upshot of only three haircuts in 14 months is longer hair than I’ve had for many years. Which is fun. Only, can anyone tell me how to wear a ponytail without having a dreadful headache by the end of the day?

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  1. Who is your hairdresser in Goodwood? It’s not Reno, is it?

    Don’t tie it so tight – this is more about how close the tie is to your head than about how many loops, since it’s about how tight ALL of your hair is. I tie mine v, v tight by nature, then I pull the tie out about a half a cm once i’m done, and maybe try a different spot on your head – I can’t have mine in the middle of my head or I get a headache.

    Fascinating, non?

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