Yes, I do have better things to be doing with my time, I’m just not doing them right now

One of the emails that has arrived, is about the gazillionith reminder that my crikey subscription is about to expire.

I dunno. I think I’ll let it lapse.

I think I started the subscription when that beautiful little magazine that used to do the wrap up of the week’s media (what was that called I can’t for the life of me remember right now, though I’m sure there’d still be one stuffed under the lounge if I could be bothered going to look) folded, and one of the options for the remainder of my subscription was the crikey deal. Then, I think I renewed it, because there was a heap of free stuff offered, including a book which I thought I could give my dad for Christmas (ahem, sorry Dad). But now…I seem only to ever read the letters down the bottom, and sometimes the media section.

But if I don’t get my news from there, where will I get it? But then I think ‘well, I already know so little, could it really matter if I knew a little less?’.

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  1. It is hard to let go of things. My partner just asked today should we cancel the weekend papers now as well. (We cancelled the week days a year ago.) I can’t remember the last time, I read any significant amount of either Saturday or Sundays paper, but each week I aspire to read some of them and insisted that we still get them delivered!

  2. Crikey is way too cute now. I have it at work and the subscriber service is nothing like it used to be.

    PLUS – they ran a “tips, rumours” thing about my organisation and, guess what? Contrary to all the high and mighty talk about quality journalism not one of them bothered to pick up the phone and ask us about the rumour before printing it and naming names.

    Noice. They’re only getting our cheque because I have to make sure they don’t do it again…

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