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A propos of nothing in particular, except that suse is right and I hardly ever show pictures and I do believe that blogs with pictures are best, this is what an apple looks like when you find it one year and a bit after you unknowingly left it in a bag which was accidentally shoved into the back of cupboard and later hidden by a row of empty jars which were being kept, as they were emptied one by one, in the hope that they would one day be (re)filled by the mister’s mother’s chutney, vintage 2008.

Amazing, innit? I do wish I’d been able to take a better photograph of it. Its folds and wrinkles were something to behold. They reminded me of that kelp you find on the rocks of the southern coasts. I think I find the sticker the most intriguing thing of all.

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  1. Well. That may quell the demand for pictures for a while.

    On a related note, yesterday Middle reported that he may have found the source of a scent in his room.
    It was a petrified clementine. Completely intact, hard as a rock, hollow. Alas, it had no scent at all.

  2. a lovely counterpoint to the photos on pea soup this morning.

    I actually LOLed when I saw it.

    A piece of FISH fell out of the garbage on the way down yesterday.
    Good Golly it reeks now.

  3. What’s a clementine? I don’t think we have such things in Adelaide. And what did she do to deserve such a fate?

    The turquoise something is a sticker – apples often have them for some reason. I think they tell us where the apples came from or something.

    I used to have this idea that I would freeze such scraps as fish then only, but of course all that happened was I ended up with a freezer full of rotten rubbish. At least it matched the compost bin I guess.

  4. Now you make it sound as though I was COMPLAINING that you don’t post pictures. Which is completely untrue your honour.

    Clementine is the word foreigners use for mandarin, I think. A more poetic term for that particular citrus than ours, in my opinion.

  5. I thought at first it was a raisin.
    The stickers on apples have numbers which indicate variety of apple (4129-fuji,4139-granny smith etc.) so that checkout operators, such as me, can charge you the correct amount per kilo for the correct variety of apple.

  6. I never knew that river…and they say I won’t learn anything from this blogging business

    suse, I think you’re reading too much in to what I said…loading my words with meanings with which I did not attribute them…which is something I, myself, would never do. Not once. Never, ever. Never have, never will. Not me. Nope. Never.

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