I’ve spent the last week trying to enrol in a university course (ethics) using the wonders of modern technology. It should not be this hard, but it is. The only time anyone ever responds to my emails or phonecalls is to give me the phone number or email address of someone else. This is shitting me off. To put it mildly.

Given that: time is precious; I am about to start a new and useful job; I have actual writing projects to which I, and others, am committed: and that I have more qualifications than any one person needs, I think I shall save my money, spend it on books and educate myself.

Take that university.

If you need me, I’m just here. Pretending to work, but checking my email every fifteen seconds. Just in case a particular piece of news comes through. Even though I know that that particular piece of news, should it come, will not arrive today and email is not the form it will take.

Should it come.

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  1. Hah,

    I went to the university of choice and made the head of school enrol me because they lost some of my stuff. Take THAT university.
    I am still there but that is because they have failed to recognise that none of my research makes the slightest bit of sense.

    I am waiting painfully for an email that I know will never come. Which is pretty dang sad, really.

    But here’s the postie: lets go and meet him. hooroo.

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