Saturday morning, 10 am

Last night, I went to a party and had a very good time indeed. As a sign of my age, I can say, of the very same event, ‘I had a good time’ and ‘I do not have a hangover’. Though I did not get up and go to the 9.30 pump class.

Of course, I may never get invited to another party again, as the mister spent a fair amount of time talking about my, and my family’s, relaxed attitude to swearing. Apparently, he assumed that people would already know that about me. I am consoling myself by thinking that someone’s children need to be the source of such information and it may as well be mine. Not exactly the kind of parental role I was dreaming of playing, but there you go.

I don’t want you to think I’m starting to settle in here or anything, but I just thought I should let you know that I am at least trying not to be a complete misery guts.

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  1. The thing about gymming, exercising…there can be a camaderie, esp with peeps you mightn’t otherwise socialise with. But could your current thing with gymming be about being in AD?

  2. ThirdCat: Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is most excellent. Smiled about how time changes the day after parties–how you can feel grumpy and enjoy it (and the picture on the wall behind you IS crooked). And I had to rummage around to find my glasses so I could read the yellow sticky notes on the wall about the aliens and the moon crash. Laughed out loud. You have competition in your writing.

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