It’s the only movie with Julia Roberts that I can bear to watch

Sometimes I think my favourite Steel Magnolias line is:

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”.

But mostly I’m pretty sure it’s:

“I’m not crazy, I’ve just been a very bad mood for the last 40 years”.

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  1. Ouiser Boudreax is my hero.

    Great script. A little too soapy but worth watching a lot. How about…

    Oh! He’s a real gentleman! I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he PEES in it!

    Drum: Ouiser you look like hammered shit.
    Ouiser Boudreaux: Don’t you talk to me like that!
    Drum: Oh,I’m sorry you look like regular shit.

  2. I’ve just watched your grumpy video. I loved it! It was so nice to see and hear you again; it reminded me so much of your story about the dead librarian.

    What a wo nderful room.

  3. Never watched it, but I do know one thing about it. Apparently it’s got a red velvet cake in the shape of an armadillo, so it can’t be all bad.

  4. HEH. I must see it again too.
    Julia is also bearable in Pret-A-Porter, but that’s because of her director, and the person she shares the hotel room with.
    I do love that quote about personal tragedy. I love them all.
    It had the makings of a fine comedy about it.

  5. I loved that film and willingly let it suck me right into howling.
    Here is the motherlode of favourite lines and my money is on

    “time marches on, and eventually you notice it’s marched right across your face”

    2. women’s weekly has add-on mini mag which is an ode to Our PM … an ode.

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