Next time, I will put on makeup first


0 thoughts on “Next time, I will put on makeup first”

  1. I hadn’t thought of that!
    Will send a text to the people who are out and ask them to bring some back (that’s if they come back…I probably wouldn’t if I were them)

  2. well, your video cheered me up! (not sure if that was the point…)

    may i also suggest a strawberry smoothy (can you get frozen strawberries there??) and a black kitten.

    1. yr black kitteh often cheers me up (frozen berries abound…actually, we go through heaps – they’re very refreshing in this weather)

  3. I’m grumpy with my new glasses, which despite three trips to the optometrists, are still hurting me, and making me grumpy.

    I’d go with the chocolate. Which reminds me that I have some Arnott’s Mint Creams in the fridge. Salvation!

    1. Mint slices are my absolute favourites. Especially refrigerated ones. Lucky duck. (though not about the glasses, you have valid reason to be grumpy)

  4. In fact I have a great friend who would love this so i am going to send her the link ..

    watch out – it will go viral!

  5. You know Cocolo make fair trade chocolate with minty bits that is like a sublime cross between a mint slice and a peppermint crisp?

    Knowing that would have to cheer you up.

  6. I’m sorry you are grumpy. (((hugs))) You look great without makeup, I wouldn’t bother.

    I’ll just nip around the back and give that story a good talking to, tell it to pull its socks up and get on with it, hope that will help.

  7. You can get Mint Slices over here you know. Bought a few packets myself when I spy them sitting on the shelves of Carrefour/Lulus.

    You look great btw, grumpy and everything.

  8. Well your grumpiness made me laugh!

    …. and I’m with everyone else on the chocolate thing. But don’t just resort to it when you’re grumpy – it’s very useful when you’re bored, lonely, angry, sad, happy, excited, hungry, anxious, silly, scared, apprehensive…..

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