Quick update

If the link isn’t working for you and you want to try typing it in, the address of the festival blog is

It’s fun, though I wish I’d known about it a bit further in advance, and I would’ve done a bit of research so that I could do a bit more planning. Still, it’s good practice, this writing on the run stuff.

It’s fucking hot in this garrett. It’s still over 35 degrees. And it will be for the next week apparently.

If you need me, I’m on the phone. Catching up on all manner of administrivia that has banked up over the last couple of weeks.

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  1. The link’s working now, so maybe the Festival website had a bad day when I tried it. Very nice indeed. I especially like the latest one on your encounter at Writer’s Week with the contract … sounds all very mysterious and eccentric.

  2. Your festival blogging is making me wish very much that I was in Adelaide right now. Anyway, isn’t it always supposed to be sweltering during writers’ week?

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