Opportunity going beg

So I’ve always loved alpacas and I do love olives, and over these last few months as I’ve been devising my cunning plan to not just preserve my sanity, stave off alcoholism and avoid divorce, but also to enjoy a satisfying, productive and contributory life, I have been forming this idea.

An idea which has been brewing for many years, but is finally synthesising into excellence.

An alpaca farm and olive grove.

And I found the perfect place in Spain for just such a finca, not far out of Gaucin, where the boys could walk to the waterhole and I could still see out past Gibralter.

It would be awesome. Ace.

The mister refuses to invest in such a project (in any way – financially, physically or emotionally). He says that having funded his way through university by picking apricots, he has no desire to return to a life of primary production. I say, that’s fine, it will be my farm. At which point, he says…well, let’s just say he is unsupportive.

I have endless niche ideas, and we would have a ready market in the Adelaide Central Market. Alpaca milk cheese (‘do alpaca’s make milk? the mister asked) is only the beginning.

So anyone wants to be a sleeping partner in what is a bloody good idea, let me know. All I need is your money. You would not have to pick olives or shave alpacas or anything like that. Me and the lads will take care of all that. As an added bonus, you could come and visit once or twice a year, and I reckon you’d be able to claim the airfare back on tax (though check that with your accountant, I might just be making that up).

I’m not saying this would be our exact view, but it would be something along the lines of:

From spain
From spain


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  1. I’m in. I have about $62.50 spare, will that do?

    I can also sit on the balcony overlooking the olive grove, spinning the alpaca wool on my spinning wheel. (Which will add to the romantic aestheticism of the atmosphere and surely bring in more investors).

  2. Now see that is exactly the kind of vision I am looking for suse…as compared to the naysayer pomp I am getting around here (as for example, ‘but you couldn’t get a visa’). I am after vision not details.

    Shall be in touch as things progress.

    PS I find it an omen that the amount you offer is exactly equivalent to the current value of my superannuation

  3. We could organise collective micro-finance for your project. I, too, have about $62.50 to offer. If all of your readers kick in a bit, you might have a goer. I’d be perfectly happy to come and pick olives, but I suggest you keep me away from the actual pickling process.

    I am not keen on alpacas so much though. They look so satirical.

  4. My super is at exactly the same level too! What a coincidence!

    And vision, I love the vision, as it happens I have $17.25 left over after the groceries and I’m looking to invest in a dead cert, this sounds like precisely the sort of venture I’m after. Get your people to talk to my people.

  5. I’ll see what coins we have in our little duck-shaped wicker basket that lives on Love Chunks’ bedside table.

    I must admit to sympathising with the mister though, having put my own good self through university through CUTTING the friggin’ apricots that he and countless other guys picked. I still can’t eat anything with apricot in it!

  6. I think I could possibly come up with $62.50. And my husband could photograph. And maybe we could trade olives and alpaca wool with a neighbouring vineyard, and sit on the terrace and eat olives and drink wine.
    This could really work!

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