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    1. a combination…we have a lot of reproductions from art galleries, and stained glass windows and general churchiness, but also an intricate caveman world

  1. Oh wow, that’s so gorgeous. And impressive. I agree with peppermintpatcher – that looks like a calling. You must feel mos proud when you look at those pics.

    1. I love it. It’s almost as good as watching him read which he does with as much intensity. It’s one of the unexpected delights of being a mum. I had no idea.

  2. By ‘right ones’, do you mean landscape-orientation ones? I started making those because I could never find them in the shops, and now friends get me to make them for them. Or do they have to have the right kind of paper?

    1. Also they need to be a particular size which is small enough to fit in your pocket and be held in your hand, but big enough to draw certain things…also unlined which is not so easy in a notepad (especially when your mum is more word focussed than drawings)

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