liveblogging the South Australian election: part three

Congratulations to you-know-who and to her magic, magic team. And to people who might have stuffed envelopes for her in the past.

It’s all over, and there’s still half a bottle of red bubbles to go. The wise thing would be to leave them where they are.

Hartley is swinging, and Nick Minchin is looking glum.

This is objective coverage, so Adelaide makes no comment.

Leon Bignell has won with a slogan of ticketty-boo. South Australian politics at its best.

Adelaide teaches her child to sms.

Joan Hall has lost! Adelaide wonders whether she heard right.

Nick Minchin is looking even more glum. Chris Pyne is sounding glum.

Adelaide – who knows a thing or two about Stuart – isn’t sure how she feels about that being Lib retain. Should election night make your heart ache? Grief is a complex beast.

Oh. There’s Dominique Schwartz. A rather credible female voice. Perhaps more credible than Adelaide’s.

Adelaide posts.

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