liveblogging the South Australian election: part two

Adelaide’s husband has returned. Hooray. With some effort, he gets the cork off the bottle. ‘You win the prize,’ Adelaide’s children yell.

Meanwhile on the television, they are talking about Chaffey. Someone needs to tell Foley how to pronounce that woman’s name. Given that she’s going to be in Cabinet.

Wonder what the ALP backbenchers think about her place in Cabinet, Nick Minchin asks (not unreasonably).

Of course, looks aren’t everything in a political commentator, but Adelaide believes that a man with a beard should also have a moustache (note: Adelaide is not wearing pearls).

Still no word on Unley, Adelaide notes, and what a pity that we don’t know anything about the Upper House.

Vini appears to be holding Norwood. Which is a pity, because if Nigel Smart won, Adelaide had intended to write ‘and who said an arts degree didn’t get you anywhere’.

Adelaide sets herself a task:
Describe the difference between Nick Minchin and Kevin Foley in 25 words or less. Kevin Foley goes for Power?

News on Unley. People will vote for Vini and not Michael Keenan? Adelaide shakes her head.

Adelaide receives notice that she has had stunning ebay win (mild compensation for having lost on a Trixie Belden auction earlier in the day).

Stunning revelation of the night:
Angas Redford what happened? Why did you lose?
Angas Redford: I didn’t get enough votes.

Matthew Abraham makes a Possum magic joke about an hour after Adelaide first made it. How ace is this blog? How cutting edge? How on the ball?

Adelaide can not keep up with the radio and the television, and wishes that she had wireless which worked.

Adelaide publishes the post. Is this how liveblogging works?

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