liveblogging the South Australian election: part four

erm, that bloke who stood against Dorothy Kotz will be embarrassed about this interview when he hears it again.

I’m just some bloke who found a good electorate.

Do you have anything else to offer the electorate?

Well, we’ll see over the next four years…to be honest I never thought I’d win.

Adelaide predicts that fella is up for media and communications induction on Monday afternoon at the latest.

Adelaide’s husband asks for the remote.

Oh no! Jane Lomax-Smith has just said ‘we’ve sung from the same song sheet’. Adelaide bangs her head on her keyboard and then on her desk and then on her kitchen bench.

Nick Xenophon might get two up. That little map of SA in the middle of his forehead obviously worked (yes, Adelaide wishes she were liveblogging from Tassie right now). Adelaide had considered that little map of SA to be a little Hansonesque, but what would Adelaide know?

Adelaide’s mister still isn’t drinking the red bubbles. Adelaide shudders at the thought of Sunday but takes another sip all the same.

Adelaide listens to Kate Reynolds and remembers the night that Janine Haines was so jubilant. It was a while ago, but not that long…

Adelaide’s mister has just revealed the way he voted and Adelaide purrs.

Kero is about to concede.
He is not live from Crystal Brook which is a shame.

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