Feng shui amongst other things

Somewhere not far from where I sleep is an apple. I suspect it is a half-eaten one. Certainly, it is more than just the core.

Do you remember the 70s Green Apple? Shampoo, laundry liquid, the powder other people’s mothers sprinkled on their carpets before they vacuumed.

This isn’t like that. You would not bottle this smell, artificially infuse it into things.

You would not advertise this smell.

I fall asleep vaguely aware that the apple is near. I wish it weren’t there in the way that I wish the week’s newspapers had not sprawled from my bed to the door, that my list of un-read books were stabler than it looks, that my glass of water were fresh.

The apple flavours my dreams which are, nonetheless, of enormous waves which carry without swamping me; of elevators taking me high and low; of children who purr.

I wake. The apple’s smell gives shape to my days. Before I have finished drying myself I am thinking of the lunchbox which didn’t get emptied last night and of the washing which needs to be done (this being Friday).

I would find it. Or at least I would look for the apple and it’s half-exposed core.

I would look, if, when I flicked the switch, it did not – even after two weeks – make me think ‘oh, someone really should fix that’.

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  1. I was going to say, ‘is that why your hair looked different yesterday?’ but then I read the comments beneath your last post.

    I remember Green Apple shampoo…and the Solo man…and Mum deoderant ad and Tang and saline and and and

  2. Oh gack! How I hate that bloody rotting apple smell! I always used to get the desk in the class room with the rotting apple core! That is why I am useless at maths. It so took my total concentration to keep from vomitting, I could not remember a single lesson!

    Then the era of apple shampoo.. vomit is all I cuold think!

    Perhaps you could train your Beagle to sniff out apple cores? You know, like the drug dogs??

  3. AD, I am here, I am there, I am everywhere.

    Mum deodorant. What about Norsca? That was foul.

    Meggie, I think the beagle is how it got there in the first place.

  4. I had the most god-awful dream about a leather skipping rope I own being discovered as some kind of (gulp) weapon…very little else of the dream survived the morning rush.
    But I did get a terrific jolt when I saw it outside this afternoon.

  5. Heavenlyknockers?! Boom-boom. Makes a change from Tommyknockers.

    Being the parent of a teenage girl I KNOW ALL ABOUT THOSE $#%& ROTTING APPLES.

  6. heavenly indeed…akismet seems to be spending a lot of time letting such things through at the moment…thanks bb…and now, I’m sure I’ll have some kind of skipping rope dream this week sometime

  7. aah,

    apples, pears, sometimes even nectarines, bedecked with pretty wreaths of fruitflies….part of lifes rich tapestry really….

    oh you funny.

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