Just to let you know…

…I’m totally in love with Jo*n C*sack, but honestly High Fidelity doesn’t stand the test of time.

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  1. yeah, I was surprised…I got it for a bit of simple, indulgent rewatching…but I dunno, it just seemed a bit lifeless. Maybe we really do need to replace our teeny tiny television so we get more out of our movies.

  2. For a minute there, I thought you were talking about Joan Cusack (the spelling fits) and was wondering where she appeared in HF.

    They were both in Grosse Point Blank and I still remember that ‘Sargeant Pepper’ line when she was wearing that thing with all the buttons.

  3. Fickle, I call it. one week you’re all over Tony, the next week it’s James Spader and now apparently it’s John Cusack. how does the Mister keep up?

    There was someone at Syd Uni during my time who looked like John Cusack whom everyone was hot for, given that there was a ratio of about 1 : 75 women in Arts. Oh course, he was a total weird-boy, in the way of these things. So I always feel a bit funny looking at John Cusack, as if I Know His Type Already.

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