nothing you really need to know

So this evening I am going to cook myself a couple of vegetarian sausages (they need to get eaten and there’s nothing else to eat) then sit and watch The Librarians (and it had better be good) and resist the urge to keep going back to the mirror to look at what is quite possibly the best haircut I ever got. And can I just say…the colour…worth every cent (of which there are many to choose).

Mum said littlest boy when I collected him this afternoon your hair is ALL different and you look beautiful. And he had that look on his face – the one he does with the cheeks – so of course when he said can you just read me this before we go I did, even though I really don’t like hanging around at that time of the day because the children seem to be very loud and they kind of cling to you, and it’s not that I don’t like children, it’s just that they don’t seem to be at their best at that time of day.

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  1. That’s just lovely. I so love the way you write about your boys, it so often goes straight to the heart in a very real way.

    Hey, a good haircut is a thing of beauty.

    And it’s just so gorgeous when they tell you you look beautiful, isn’t it? That’s the worst time day for a lot of kids, yes. It’s when their voices are calibrated to ‘whine’.

  2. My hair is way too short to toss, but I can pull gently on the wisps at the back.

    Thanks Ariel – yep, it rocks when they say such things (and helps you to forget that in two minutes they\’ll be saying \’you\’re stinkface\’).

  3. GIve us the verdict, ThirdCat.
    There are librarians saying, ‘oh well, at least we’re getting publicity’ in e-lists all over the country (well, at least one anyhow). Fools, I think. For god’s sake, settle for some GOOD publicity just once before you all die.

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