I took that last post down, because I thought it was impolite linking. Not hostile. But impolite.

update: and now I wish I didn’t even put this post up, but it’s pointless taking it down because of bloglines.

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  1. Well, I was impolite about a certain sort of dip, and I don’t regret it one whit. But then I’m awfully prickly at the moment about just about everything, so the dip got off lightly, frankly.

  2. I have seen with my own eyes, a block of philadelphia cream cheese with sweet chili sauce poured on top. And a sprig of coriander.


    I believe it is perfectly acceptable to make fun of other people’s food choices.

  3. Oh, yes, so do I. half my life is about making fun of people’s food. And really, cob loaves are, well, as I said, not my cup of tea. But I just thought I was overstepping things with the link.

  4. Yes, well you should know if you’re going to make fun of the fan art at the UK Richard E Grant fan site, they’ll track you down and make painfully nice comments about it 😉

  5. Oh, I’m sure they would have coped. You’ve got a veeeerrry long way to go before you make it to The Spin Starts Here country, thirdcat 😉

  6. I’m considering taking down my most recent post, which is something I’ve never done before so it was serendipitous to come here and find you’ve done so too.

    You know what mothers say, ‘if you can’t say anything nice blah blah blah’.

  7. And I have just this moment been re-writing a paragraph for an article and said paragraph contains the word serendipitous.

    Are you are librarian? It’s a bit of a librarian’s word that one.

  8. i’m incredibly tempted to write a post which would be called ‘The Book of my Enemy is being Published by the Edwin Mellen Press’, and it would be about… well, the title really says it all. But I might get into trouble in some quarters.

    The desire to share my schadenfreude is not edifying 😉 Luckily, the current US poll results have given it another outlet.

  9. Maybe you could write it in the third person and bang it up somewhere else?

    I’m quite lucky regarding enemies at the moment, because most are not in my direct life.

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