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  1. As a non-Spanish speaker, I was initially puzzled as I landed on Wikipedia first. According to Wiki you were either
    (1) Out building a roadside memorial – too terrible to contemplate,
    (2) Suffering a plague of jumping spiders, also TTTC, TC!
    (3) Moving to an unincorporated community in California – see above.

    Once I regoogled and found Merriam-Webster, I see it is only

    1 : rest, relaxation
    2 : break
    3 : landing (of a staircase)
    4 : intermission

    Which is a relief, as the visions of your family inundated by jumping spiders weren’t too pleasant. Happy Descanso! And I hope you’re not spending it on the staircase landing.

  2. Sorry to alarm you!
    Yes, it’s just the sign in shop windows at siesta time. And we live on the ground floor now, so no staircase landings to worry about either.

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