Wonder what the neighbours think

Even when you’ve got the moral high ground, chucking the shits still looks mighty undignified.

Moral of the story: if it’s dark, close the curtains so you don’t accidentally catch sight of a reflection of yourself in the window.

Or don’t chuck the shits.

0 thoughts on “Wonder what the neighbours think”

  1. Or be like my sister. She’s been known to be caught admiring her reflection mid-rant. Some people like looking angry, i guess…

  2. Meh. I water the front lawn in my jocks.
    Oh, hai mister king of the fucking parking zones! I’ll just bend over *here* and pick this up just as you’re arriving home to see that I parked in what-you-call-“your”-spot.
    Oops. I dropped it.
    Oops. I dropped it.

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