Wonder how Zoe went

You would think that in a day which has included such phrases as ‘please don’t put that money in my ear’ and ‘no, I don’t want a turn with your glow-in-the-dark snot’ and ‘yes, I do so have superpowers I just don’t feel like flying right now’, ‘cornice trough’ might have found its turn.

But no.

0 thoughts on “Wonder how Zoe went”

  1. how about, “your glow-in-the-dark snot would look great inthe cornice trough”, followed closely by, “that cornice trough really needs to be painted”?

  2. Well, shithouse is the answer.

    However, I did manage to keep a straight face when asked by my five year old if I had in fact done the sexies two times because he has a brother. That, and a kangaroo fillet for dinner were my achievements for the day and I’m afraid they were all I could manage.


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