Wednesday morning

We had a movie night last night and watched Wayne’s World. I am shocked to discover that my children managed to learn a new swear word. Honestly, I thought by now they knew them all.

It’s raining again, which is nice and not complaining and so on and so forth, but the lads are starting to go a bit stir crazy with no proper runaround for a few days now.

Manuscript going okay, thanks for asking. The draft won’t be finished by the time I leave, but it won’t be too far off. Must. Finish. Draft. Twould be easier without two stir-crazed lads under my charge that’s for sure, but since a major theme of the book is ‘how it is, is how it is’ I’m taking a bit of my own advice, and accepting the imperfections of life. Plan is, one day I shall accept all and shout never.