Trip to the market I wish I’d never had

Today, somewhere between the ATM and Lucia’s, my purse – containing the two hundred dollars I was going to use to buy things including fruit and lollies for my youngest boy’s birthday party (the first he’s had); and the piece of paper on which my eldest boy wrote his name for the very first time – disappeared. Off the face of the earth.

That was about fifteen minutes after I scraped the car door against the post while I parked. It would cost several hundred dollars to repair, but doesn’t knock several hundred dollars off the value of the car. That’s the kind of car it is.

On my way out, I said to the woman in the booth ‘I’ve lost my purse and my ticket was in it’, and she was very kind.

The mister dropped everything to come and pay for the lunch youngest boy and I had already ordered before I realised my purse was gone. When I saw him I cried.

I’m a bit of a wimp like that. But two hundred dollars. Gee, it’s a lot. And he’ll never write his name for the first time again.

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  1. I was at the market – I presume you mean the Central Market – today and I didn’t find any purse with $200 in it. I hope the party goes well.

  2. that’s horrible! it might turn up. in america i lost my wallet which contained my ‘golden ticket’ – the train ticket of the day the lovie and i got together three years ago. someone found it in the end and posted it back to me. good luck with yours…

  3. I don’t blame you for crying.

    Someone walked into my house and took my wallet with $200 cash in it. I’d just been paid and we were SO tight for money in those days. I went into denial about it. In fact part of me still thinks that wallet will turn up. With the money in it.

  4. stomper, that’s terrible, really, really terrible…well, jen, I was the one walking around looking like I had no idea what to do next…and thanks all

    the party will be great, not stressful at all, at least nothing a wine or two at the end of the day won’t solve

  5. Yup, it does suck. Big time. And you waited until the Mister turned up to cry? Hell, I would’ve burst into tears on the spot. $200 is heaps–unless you’re on $180,000+ a year, I guess. Hope you get your purse back, and especially the bit of paper.

  6. I once lost my purse. I advertised & someone had found it. Stripped of money of course, but it still had some sentimental things inside.
    Gom once lost his keys. I went to the police station to see if they had been handed in. The nice policeman & I were both stunned when I found them! There were hundreds of sets of unclaimed keys!

  7. Oh poor you. Poor boy. I hope his birthday goes really well.

    I’ll send you a nice cup of tea next time I’m on Facebook, or on the other hand maybe a nice stiff Vodka or something like that.

  8. Hope the purse turns up with the only irreplaceable thing in it, the piece of paper with the boy’s name , that is. Of course the money is also important, but eveything else is replaceable.

  9. Damn. I’ve usually gotten any wallets I’ve had stolen back, sans money. Often some of the bits of paper and useless cards (e.g. Dymocks Booklovers Club) have been left lying around at the scene of the crime. If someone hands the wallet in, it’s worth asking exactly where it was found, so you can backtrack and see if there’s anything left there that only you would noticec.

    I’m writing this comment while drinking a g & t, cooking a piece of fish and watching the Great Debate. I think you should feel pleased that you’ve upstaged the PM and Mr Rudd.

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