trashy magazines

In exchange for the two gorgeous children, Adelaide’s mother-in-law had given Adelaide five Woman’s Days and a New Idea.

Adelaide had allowed herself a momentary break from her other worthy pursuits to wallow in the glorious magazines. But it’s funny the places your brain will race while you are reading about Lleyton and Bec and Angeline Jolie.

Adelaide remembered, for example, that on a visit to her own grandmother’s many years ago, her grandfather had given her a similar sized stash of magazines.

‘Hide these from her until she’s finished her jobs,’ he said. ‘But not behind the television, she’ll know to look there.’

And here’s the thing: Adelaide did it! She did as her grandfather asked. And then she got them out again when he had left for his very important job.

And here’s another thing: Adelaide knew that this was something should not tell her mother.

And here’s the final thing: when Adelaide’s grandfather came home that day he felt the back of the television to make sure it had not been on. It was something Adelaide had not known.

Adelaide believes she was six or seven at the time.

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