Google is weird

Adelaide lives a pretty much anonymous life in the city of her birth. In truth, she does not know someone who knows someone, and she has no influence over anyone of import.

She does not know:
when Jimmy Barnes will next be in Adelaide;
how much INXS tickets are likely to cost;
when Chloe Fox and Leon Bignell will wed;
Lleyton Hewitt’s address.
These last two she would certainly keep to herself even if she knew.

There are much better sources of information on Chris Schacht, Angus Redford and KG.

Why anyone would be looking for that kind of stuff here she really can not understand.

The sasmee railway park is open one Saturday and one Sunday per month, but she can not remember whether it is the first Saturday and third Sunday or vice versa or even whether it is the second or the fourth.

There are no patterns for child’s coathangers here and Adelaide offers no medical advice. She is not even really sure what an aorta is.

Who knew there were so many people on the hunt for an ecological dishwasher. Adelaide really doubts that there is such a thing. Depending on your definition of ecological of course.

Yes, success is the best revenge. Or at the very least you will be doing something productive, even if your motives are less than admirable.

Adelaide extends her apologies to disappointed googlers, but it isn’t entirely her fault.

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  1. I’ll remember the tiara when it comes time for the first/next Adelaide grogblog. (I wonder if there has ever been one, and if not whether we should arrange it.) I might get one of those flashing ones.

    I checked out my Googlers and what a mixed bunch they were to be sure. Mostly they are looking for A.S. Byatt, Pavlov and Gavin Wanganeen, not necessarily in that order.

  2. re grogblog, a few years ago there was an almost one, but it ended up beiong only a few people who already knew each other.

    im keen on one though. tiaras essential

  3. Oh it’s so true. I’ve started collecting my ‘freaky blog’ searches…a selection is featured below for your reading pleasure…
    P.S love your blog…

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