til tomorrow

Sorry, I’ve got nothing for you on account of being in the midst of yet another bout of privileged middle-class angst in a time of inner reflection, and these are certainly not things which can be posted on the internet without later regret.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Hope you are OK – I get the distinct impression that desert living is giving you grief – I am not sure how you are doing it myself…

    thinking of you…

  2. Tomorrow works for me. I really should go to bed as my work colleagues kept me up late last night as I didn’t want to miss any of the really salacious gossip that only comes out after 5 or more beers (them not me).

    1. Heh. Actually, it’s one of the interesting differences here, where so many people don’t drink alcohol. Wonder if it leads to less office difficulties after office parties?

      1. You’ll have go to an office party and report back! One of the interesting things we noticed about Alice was if we invited American friends over they turned up at the time specified, and went home at the time specified. On the dot. If we didn’t specify a time then they would call and ask. Our Aussie friends of course pissed on until we kicked them out and always watched the mass exodus with bemused expressions. The first time I thought we must have offended somebody when they all suddenly started leaving.

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