Always believe in solutions

On the plus side, the angsting has been short-lived, and a solution to my problem (which, because of reasons, I can’t really go into, but is, in a nutshell, that I got totally overstretched) has presented itself. Actually – and I am going to give you this lesson for free* – I could have saved myself about two weeks of angst if I’d just asked for what I needed instead of assuming that my request was impossible.

*The reason I’m not charging for this lesson? Because I know that those of you who need this lesson don’t believe me, and, right when you need it most, won’t remember. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could all just learn things without first getting a personal lesson?

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  1. Of course I’m intrigued at what the problem/solution was but, I have to say that asking for what you need often ends well.
    I am, however, twice your age (nearly) and am quite sure I learned this after many years of being afraid to ask and thus missing out on what I needed.

  2. I do TRY to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than my own.

    It’s really not working out that well. I appear to be a slow learner. I will file this under ‘good advice I will reason myself out of when I need it’. Sigh.

    Also: hooray for angst-solving solutions!

  3. “because of reasons”

    I feel I can say this because I am a 3rdCat fan and supporter: this phrase bothers me.
    You’re a writer. A good one. Give us those reasons. Make some up. I feel like I’m sitting next to the kid who constantly shielded everything he did with his arm in case someone read it.

    Yours, in fandom and respect,

  4. I am also a fan franzy, but I feel that Thirdcat is allowed to keep her life to herself when she chooses. Because of reasons is fine with me. I’m not watching a soap opera, I’m enjoying 3C writing about her goings on. What she chooses to keep to herself is her business. I don’t feel that she owes it to me just because I enjoy her writing. That’s actually one of the things I like about blogging – I’m never going to know the full story, and that’s okay. Sometimes, even months later something will pop up and I’ll have an aahhhh moment. But sometimes things are just too raw to talk about, and you don’t necessarily want it all out on the internet for ever and ever either.

    1. Yeah – a well-made point.
      Blogging is almost the art of simlutaneously opening up and obscuring.

      I don’t know – maybe it’s the writer talking. ‘because of reasons’ is circular, almost redundant. It draws attention to facts which no attention should be drawn. There’s something behind this curtain, but you’ll never know, so stop looking.

  5. I just assume that it has something to do with people who don’t wish to be blogged about. I married one of those too. I think I like ‘because of reasons’ precisely for its circularity and I also like the idea that even great writers have days when stringing more than two words together to form a coherent sentence is too much hassle.

  6. Stab in the dark, but did you go part time?

    I have struggled with several full time jobs and study commitments only to realise, after far too much stress, that they were willing to let me go part time.

  7. Ahhhhhh.

    After several bitter experiences, we have found that things around here turn to custard when we work more than about 150% between us. Because of reasons…

  8. yay for part time! i am gearing up for the business end of my last five day working week for a while myself, hurrah!

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