talk to you tomorrow (or perhaps the day after)

There is possibly a better winter lunch than a toasted sandwich, but I doubt it.

I had an email from a friend today and she told me that in Abu Dhabi at 11 pm last night, it was 45 degrees. Myself? I am sitting in front of a gas fire, half a bottle of red still to go and not to mention that block of green & black’s dark chocolate that hasn’t been opened yet.

I have a great number of other things to say, because it is mighty fine being here in Adelaide. But right now I’ve got wine to drink and chocolate to eat. Perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Even better that it’s raining and drizzly, so you need not even get tempted to go outside. Time to open the chocolate.

  2. It was -2 when I left home this morning.

    I would have skipped with glee down the street but I was worried about slipping on the icy footpaths.

  3. I had a toasted sandwich too, here in Scotland, where’s it’s summer and actually a bit too hot for me. It must have been, oh, about 25 degrees.

    Mind you, yesterday I got soaked in cold rain.

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