I hope he’s wearing sunblock or he’ll end up a prune

So you know that I am in Australia enjoying the cool weather, but the mister is in Abu Dhabi writing proposals and going to meetings and looking at spreadsheets and so on. He tells me – by phone, not skype, because he can’t work it out, and how does an engineer not understand skype, like it was working dude, but anyway, and moving on – that it is very frigging hot. And humid. And he’s working hard.

But it’s not all hard work in his life you know.

No sirree. There be adventures.

For today, he and his friends are off to the

drumroll please

Festival of the Date.

Laugh? Fark, I nearly carked it.

0 thoughts on “I hope he’s wearing sunblock or he’ll end up a prune”

  1. Festival of the Date?!?!?!? excellent.

    Have you tried Google video chat? If you have gmail, it’s just an extension from chat…It falls over much much less often than skype and the picture is much higher quality.

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