Spring cleaning

This basket looks beautiful, doesn’t it?


But be ye not fooled, for this is a True Enemy of Order.

A beribboned member of the Order of Disorder.

For while it sits magnificently n the corner of the room seemingly fulfilling its function of holding the paper, textas, crayons and pens,

promising order

it is all the while gathering:


0 thoughts on “Spring cleaning”

  1. for some silly reason, I did not put mine in the goodwill bin, instead letting it sit in a more prominent position of the loungeroom where it could gather even more crappe…

    tut-tut if you could come and collect it all that would be much appreciated.

  2. See all that crap it was hiding? That is currently all over my lounge room floor, hallways, boys’ bedroom floors and MY bedside table. Because really, what better place to put.your.shoes. than your mum’s bedside table. Oy.

  3. Kim: your Mum’s bed. Most nights I get into bed and find some sort of toddler crappe digging into my back or hiding in the foot region under the doona. I’m beginning to think he does it on purpose.

  4. Biscuit crumbs, or hard bits of noodle cakes in my bed. All of which I will happily take over the enormously space consuming toddler that left them there. Especially as she has just developed the habit of staring at me until I wake up then saying brightly “get up Mummy?” at 6am. Although that is better than her strategy for waking me up at night when she wants my attention, which is sticking her finger up my nose. Works though.

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