0 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

  1. That’s because your children are grown up. I, personally, didn’t miss them either. But as a behaviour-management tool they are virtually irreplaceable around here.

  2. Used to be around my place too, but then D got really fussy. He did make me buy some of the fab lady fingers the other day though, and then I ate one. I have to remember to thank him.

  3. I spent my weeks wages on bananas in those dreadful times. How can you live without bananas?

    now that you mention it, yes, they are all black in the bowl right now.

  4. I remember.

    Because it was the axis on which the then-babe’s-diet spun. Before the cyclone ( it was a cyclone wasn’t it, that wiped out the crops ? ), he’d eat like 20 a week ..

    Afterwards, i’d have to SPRINT past the grocers, lest he see one, and i’d have to fork out $10 for that single item alone…

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