second week of school

I was asleep when today became yesterday and then again when today arrived. The mister, who left for work I know not when, didn’t re-set the alarm. Eldest Boy was too engrossed in the latest Captain Underpants (something to do with booger boys) and Youngest Boy is about to hit the wall after riding high on the wave of excitement which is the beginning of school and so slept even later than I. (I racked my brains for a third metaphor, to try and make the mashing a poetic one, but none sprang to mind, and I’ve got real work to be done.)

Anyway, fifteen minutes after school had started, we snuck past the Guardian of the Book with that most Intimidating of Columns ‘Reason for Lateness’. Though in truth, I’m not scared of the book, and I would’ve been more than happy to write: Mum Slept In.

Tomorrow perhaps I will tell you of my First Regret Experienced while Being 39.

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