Right, that’s it, I’m getting off the internet for the rest of today


I can only assume that the Tourism Australia people are in cahoots with Tony Abbott to make me feel less homesick. You have succeeded. Honestly, this makes me want to stay as far away from the place as I possibly can.

Dudes, are you for realz? This is like a weet-bix or life. be in it ad that we might have watched during the cricket breaks in the 1970s. For fuck’s sake. And to think, people get paid for this.

mutter, mutter, mutter

0 thoughts on “Right, that’s it, I’m getting off the internet for the rest of today”

  1. It is a shocker isn’t it?

    Perhaps they should have borrowed the Youth Choir and picked Khe Sahn or something like it…

  2. They clearly need to put ‘marketers’ higher up on that skilled migrant list. We need better ones…

  3. Or we could put marketers on the skilled emigration list, and manage without them all together. Just think of all the things that money could have been spent on. Grrrrr.

    1. I know. Actually, I’ve started feeling a bit bad about bagging someone’s work…you know, it’s just someone trying to do their bit. But I just watched it again, and it really is tragic

      1. And it’s not just one person, it’d be a whole team to blame. People, many people, thought this was a good idea, signed off on this, and are now thinking it’s great. ARGH. I just watched it again and with, I think 2?, exceptions, we are a very white, anglo bunch aren’t we?

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