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  1. This blog is like one of those share houses from student days, where no matter what time you drop in, they’re all out on the porch drinking cask wine on the sagging rotting sofas, discussing poetry or politics or Who We Really Are.

    ThirdCat, You Are Cool.

  2. I just love words. I love the way, you can be thinking one thing, then a word comes to you and that’s all it takes to get you thinking of something else.

    This morning a few seconds after I woke up, I realised I’d dreamt the word I was looking for: purgatory. The rhyming and rhythm of this piece is a bit rough and ready, so I can sort of squeeze it in to work.

    Another reisling, anyone? (was going to write fruity lexia, but I think many of you are lucky enough to not know about that little corner of the cheap wine world)

  3. ha! see? brilliant! My brain would never-of thought of that.
    *quickly stores it away with the rest for possible late-night change to script*

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