Central heating in August

Arrived in Edinburgh despite potent combination of Spanish air traffic controllers strike and budget airline. There’s a certain type of comaraderie you get from an airline that doesn’t allocate seats (I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but there you go, there is), a particular kind of jocularity unique to such an experience. Would I exchange jocularity for an assigned seat? Well, I don’t know. You can buy a seat, but you can’t buy comaraderie.

Youse can stop being jealous of my Andalucian view now. I mean, our flat here is okay, and it does have some nice views of greenery and turret-like things. But it’s not Andalucia if you know what I mean. And August accommodation is extraordinarily expensive here. Really, for the money I’m paying I would expect a castle (with turrets), but welcome to Europe in August.

And rain. Oh, my goodness, the rain. We’re freezing and will be sick to death of the one jumper each that we brought with us. So, if nothing else, we have escaped the Abu Dhabi heat. Which is good. Very good. I’m probably the only one here who actually came for the rain.

I bought one of those USB internet sticks this morning. I asked a few dudes whether or not I could just use the one I bought in Australia and pay for a new account. They laughed in my face. I knew they would, but I didn’t expect them to laugh quite so hard. For some reason, it has installed itself in Arabic – I did buy this computer in Abu Dhabi, but nothing else has ever installed itself in Arabic. Anyhoo, I managed to negotiate my way through it, although it wasn’t without some anxious moments. Does anyone else feel edgey when they can’t get onto the internet? I’m quite concerned about myself in this respect. Also, how long will a gigabyte last? That’s how much I got with the package. One gigabyte. Could I update my podcasts, or will that chew through the bites to the giga?

My, but this is a beautiful city. Seductively so. Crags and castles on your doorstep. Boys are loving black taxis and double decker buses. Oh, and this morning, I saw a chap walking down my street and wearing a kilt. He really was. I tried to get a photo, but the camera battery was flat.

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  1. Oh oh oh – haven’t read your blog for a while and now I find you’re in Edinburgh. Actually now. Goodness. (I live in Edinburgh.) And you’re performing at the Fringe! And probably getting absolutely soaked because the weather is seriously horridly wet. I do apologise for Edinburgh.

    Are you performing under your own name, I wonder? Yes, why wouldn’t you? Maybe I could come and laugh and clap.

    I’m sorry you’ve been sad about your dad. You’re very young to have lost both parents. I lost my dad two years ago but then I’m 59 and still have my mum (mind you, she’s 87, which isn’t without its problems).

    Anyway, I shall stop rambling, especially if you’re not going to be able to read this. Welcome to soggy Edinburgh and I do hope it stops raining soon.

  2. Does a view of a chap in a kilt go any distance to making up for the loss of an Andalucian view? Enjoy the rain and wild good wishes for your show.

  3. I was just going to go to Isabelle’s blog to ask her if she knew you were in Edinburgh and bam there she was, number 1 in your commentbox.

    I am redundant.

    I like how she apologised for Edinburgh. I’d forgotten how the British say sorry for everything.

    Can you charge those batteries and get a shot of a chap in a kilt? Like not in a tattoo or hanging around the Castle, but just walking down the street?

    1. Alas, I think that opportunity is lost – I’m guessing it was a once off, and that men walking down suburban streets in kilts are rare.

  4. I don’t think so. I admit, it’s years since I’ve been to Edinburgh (a totally charming city, I agree), and I remember it was not uncommon to see chaps in kilts. They tended to be older.

    YAAY! You’re there! Enjoy the rain, buy yourselves some cheap new jumpers, and yes, I too can’t go more than about a day without internet. Make that 30 minutes.

    Oh and I have had my share of cheap airlines, and the camaraderie is not a given, in my experience. It is more common though.

  5. Hi! I’m in Edinburgh too and was chatting by e-mail with Isabelle and she told me about you so I came over here to say hi and now I’m going to go and rummage in your archives (if that’s okay). Welcome to Edinburgh – it has been a bit sunnier today. But it’s due to be rainy again tomorrow. Sorry.

  6. I get nervous when I have no internet, but tinged with excitement.
    No internet = no work = no responsibility!
    Kind of like when all your clothes are dirty and so you just have to nude up.

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