Regarding Alvin and the Chipmunks…

…those voices do start to wear after about fifteen minutes or so. The thing is, if you are living with people young enough to be taken to this film, then those voices are – more than likely – your reality. Day after day after day.

Also, at those big cinemas, it costs over thirty dollars for one adult and two children to go to the movies. Why did I need to be reminded of that?

0 thoughts on “Regarding Alvin and the Chipmunks…”

  1. For $30, you could have an ex-rental DVD, a bottle of plonk AND some ear plugs. The type you get from those little dispensers in saw mills are quite cheap and extremely versatile. If they can block out the noise of one of those things that turns a tree into a toothpick, with a bit of luck they might be able to at least lower the volume of the chipmunks. ~shudder~

  2. earplugs might stop the voices of those chipmunks, but nothing will stop the penetration of my littlest boy’s voice. And now, he’s started inventing sign language – translated into English, French and Greek – just because he can.

    Jen – I remembered that as soon as we got to the counter.

    Mikhela – I think they find comfort in the reptition, and also it’s something to do with understanding narrative…get used to it, baby. That’s why – for your own sanity – you must only buy good quality books for your children.

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