Port, like, totally thrashed

But as I said to the mister and gathered friends, halfway through the third quarter, ‘if I had to choose between a premiership and the election, I’d choose the election any day’.

So, as they say: Kevin Rudd: Don’t Fuck It Up.

0 thoughts on “Port, like, totally thrashed”

  1. not that I like or follow football in any way but it was eerily quiet round here in Sea-eagles heartland on Sunday night during the game. Not that I was watching, but the silence said it all.
    Done by Melbourne.

  2. Can’t one of you crafty types come up with THAT t-shirt?

    And aprons – I would be even more keen to wear the “Don’t fuck it up” on an apron. And there could be tea-towels, and bumber stickers, and fridge magnets, and those free postcards you see in cafes, and kids’ lunch boxes (at my kid’s school, they wouldn’t blink and eye).

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