Some thoughts from my life:

– why do publications such as The New Yorker continue to write the Internet with a capital I? Shouldn’t it just be the internet?

– boarding the plane in Athens, our family was behind another family of similar composition, that is, one man, one woman and two children. All the members of our family made our way down to economy while the family in front of us separated. The man and one child stayed in business class while the woman and one child kept moving down to economy. The dynamics of our family would never allow such a thing. Srsly, after such an incident we would never recover.

– one day I would like to live in a place simply because said place is a beautiful place to live. This is all I have ever really wanted. There are many beautiful places, so why is it so hard for me to organise this?

– I have added Tilda Swinton to the list of people I am sure I would like to be although I am rather undecided about I am Love and sometimes think it is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and other times think it is not.

– I am thinking of giving up alcohol for a month or so. I think it would be good for me. I don’t know, I am undecided about this as well.

– I have only just found out about the royal wedding (I’ve been on holidays). I am a republican (should that be with a capital R?), but every time I see Wills I worry for him I really do. I think it’s because of the whole mother killed in a car crash affinity. I felt desperately sorry for him at the time and I still do. I suppose this is transferance, but I don’t know that for sure. Also, there should be more discussion about the similarities between Kate and Our Mary, the one what married that Prince. They are similar and the papers and magazines should be full of this observation.

– I am at that stage where I am convinced that I will never have anything published ever again. Do not indulge me in this as I know all of the things that I need to do to lift myself out of this mood and wallowing around in it is not one of those things.

– if you wanted to opt out of the December madness that grips Australia, you could move here. It is brilliant. There is absolutely none of that ‘by Christmas or bust’ mentality.

– I really do like the curtains in our bedroom. Everytime I look at them I feel happy.

I’d best be off. We just got back from a week away so for some reason there’s an entire year’s worth of laundry to be done.