I think I’ve hit peak internet. I was looking at the search page of instagram the other day and my god, I truly feel like I am, ‘What has happened?’ I’m sure it’s happened gradually and this is another one of those things I haven’t noticed as it’s gone along, but it one hundred percent embodies the hustle of the influencer and I don’t think I can take it. And whatever reels are I do not know, but they make me dizzy.

What is making the algorithm think that I am interested in all those sculpted bodies doing all those weird ‘yoga’ poses? That I want to look at all those babies? I mean I like babies, I love babies, but what’s with all those manicured photographs of babies I’ve never met and will never know? I do feel a kind of nausea whenever I stray too far away from my own small feed of people I mostly know or whose work I know. As for facebook, except for wanting to be able to watch the COVID updates I wish I could logout and never go back in. It just shows me the same posts over and over again, and hardly anyone is writing much anymore anyway. It’s kind of overcrowded, but it’s all just noise and I can’t find the people I came there to see. Sigh. Do I sound like someone who isn’t making an effort to keep up? Who is dismissing things simply because she doesn’t understand them?

And twitter is doing to me what it has always done to me, and why, back in 2010 I deleted my original account. It’s like I’m at a party and I go into the kitchen, but the party has just moved into the hall. So I go into the hall but the party has just moved out to the back verandah. And when I get to the back verandah I’m too late to join any of the conversations so all I can do is stand on the edge and laugh at the right times, but I know I’m not part of it, not at all.

Why can’t everyone just realise that blogging is better and come back to the blogs? I suspect this is a somewhat Gen-X lament?

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