Only one week of holidays left

I’ve been trying to get the cupboard of baby and toddler and pre-school clothes cleaned out before school starts. There’s almost zero chance of a third child appearing now, and I think it will be less hard on my heart to pass the clothes on now than it will once both of my boys are officially at school. I was going to tell you how it feels to take the clothes, worn by both of my boys, out of the washing machine and hang them on the line. But such sentences take a lot of time, and I’ve got lots of deadlines and not to mention the Uno games. So you’ll need to imagine the washing for yourselves. You’ll be fine. Just grab a whiff of the washing powder you used to use. Your mind will do the rest.

I’m sad about the absent third child, deeply so sometimes, not for any particular reason, just because I always thought there would be a third. Time is kind of taking care of the sadness though, because we’re so far from being a baby house now that almost every day a baby makes less and less sense.

And as if to prove it, PlaySchool has come on the television and Eldest Boy has started walking around saying ‘this show sucks the world…this is for babies…’.

And this from the child who was ‘totally creeped out’ during the whole of our visit to the pirate exhibition at the Maritime Museum.

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  1. My youngest is older than your eldest.

    I am a good six years older than you.

    I STILL have not parted with the pram, the wooden highchair, or the several boxes of baby clothes.

  2. im doing the same thing. i have a 6 and 8 year old and in the front room are bags ready to go to salvos, full of tiny clothes that i have held onto in the hope that i could dress another tiny person in them.

    it didnt help that i went to a psychic during the week who asked me who emma was. i dont know, i dont know an emma. yes you do, she says, and looks at me with a sad kind of face.

    emma. emma is the baby my ex and i were going to have. we thought about her, named her, and saw her in other little girls in the places we went, all over the world. there she was, playing in the sand, running through the museum, wearing stripey tights.

    since he is now my ex and there is no new person to fill that void, i have to say goodbye to all the old baby clothes, and goodbye to emma. and it sucks.

    also, play school does not suck the world. did you watch the one where they made the penguins? my 6 year old made a whole family of penguins that day, complete with icebergs and igloos made of coke bottles for them to live in

  3. The museum is great – but try to time it so you’re not there the same time as a vacation care group.

    Give the sand sculpture dinosaur park near the lighthouse a miss. I’m sure I’ve spent money on worser things, but I’m hard-pressed to think what.

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