On Wednesday, we’re having split pea and pumpkin soup

The sound of the still-dry split peas against the stainless steel as the pressure of the water hits them and pushes them up and around the bowl.

I mean to write it down every time I hear it, I never do, and even though I love that sound, I never think of it between times.

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  1. I guess they do sound more poetically pleasing than the grinding and hawking snorts of a coffee machine in action, but I know what I’d prefer to actually eat/drink….

  2. At this funny little pebble-filled beach we walked to on the weekend, the sea rushes into the pebbles and as it withdraws, there’s a wonderful noise that is a bit like applause, made by the rocks hitting each other and the water sort of ‘popping’. You can listen to it for hours. It’s a similar noise to the split peas…

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