Sunday evening

The keets spent their first night out of their locked coop last night, made doubly unsettling by the unexpected rain that passed over us. It rained on and off all night, sometimes quite heavily. We were surprised to find two of them up on the roof with the bigs, and the other one struggling to get up there. One of them tried to follow the bigs as they did their nightly jump from the roof over to the trees, but it wasn’t quite big enough to make it and landed on the ground. It did find its way into a nearby tree though. Meanwhile, the final keet made its way up onto the roof by way of the ladder, which was kind of comical to watch but an ingenious solution by the little. And apparently they decided that would do, because they huddled in together and spent the night there.

When we got up this morning, four of them were up on the roof and the other one was pacing back and forth underneath. They spent today wandering around as a much more cohesive flock than ever before, though of course the two bigs are still a bit bossy to the littles. And now it’s that time of night when I start worrying about them again and hoping they have put themselves to bed somewhere safe from foxes.

In other news, I’m still working away on my show, and I want to record how I’m feeling about the process of writing now which is to say, I think I should be much more worried about it than I am. But at the same time, I can see now that it’s going to work, even if I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to work.

I’m in the cycle of checking my ticket sales a billion times each day, so I’m going to try to crack that cycle by putting some space between myself and my phone. I don’t know why it’s so hard to follow through on that when I definitely know how much better I feel when I’m on limited phone time. Beginning with the simple, but seemingly impossible task of putting my phone away at 8pm and not picking it up again until later in the following morning. And that goes for my iPad too.

Clearly, I have nothing of great significance to say, so I am going to stop trying to say it.