on our holidays, we…

considered going to the g20 protests and pointed to the sky every time a helicopter flew overhead


collected poison berries which can be fed to demons or witches and also stain shirtsIMG_0718.JPGfound a Haigh’s sticker on the oval where we played soccer


took photos of ourselves through the art gallery’s water wall and marvelled at how stunningly creative, original and ingenious we are in all that we do, because goodness me whoever else could have thought of doing this creative, original thing


walked a bit more


rolled down a lot of hills


and got home just in time to find that not quite all of the worms had died in the heat.

0 thoughts on “on our holidays, we…”

  1. Tsk! Tsk!
    We have very good child friendly pubs here. There is no excuse.
    Only joking, know you were probably having trouble fitting everything in, anyway.
    Only next time, we will hunt you down and smack you…

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