It’s not the vegan lunchbox…


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This is SecondCat’s lunch.

It is mozarella cheese. ‘The gratings part’.
A carefully segmented soy sausage. ‘Wet’ and ‘not cooked’.
Frozen peas. Again: ‘not cooked’.
Three slices of cucumber. Not four.

Did it fill my heart with mother-love warmth to serve it up to him? No.
Did he eat it? Yes. All that and more.

0 thoughts on “It’s not the vegan lunchbox…”

  1. Not too different from my boy’s lunches, though he’d have his cooked and wouldn’t mind how many slices of cucumber there were. (In fact he’d eat the cucumber whole.)

  2. Pussies like frozen peas? And cucumber? My little grey monster disdains all vegetables. And forgive me, but the soy sausage seems a bit like carnivore abuse.

  3. Funny! I was telling lovergirl in scandalised tones that your child was demanding frozen peas and stone cold vegie sausages. I expected her to laugh companionably. Instead she looked at me askance, with words to the effect that frozen is the only way to eat peas.

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