oh, it’s just a laugh a minute round here

And then I say

you really have beefed up a bit

because no one wants that expensive gym membership to be a waste of money or time,

and he says

it’s all right, I know you mean porked.

0 thoughts on “oh, it’s just a laugh a minute round here”

  1. Does he ‘grease up’ too, like the body builders?

    Because I’m starting to get an image of your mister that doesn’t quite fit the one I had. (Mo, porked up, rippling and shiny. Gold tooth etc).

  2. My poor husband’s rather nice mo went white on one side only a few years ago. He had to kiss it goodbye, it was no longer showing up properly in photographs. Considering a lot of the hair on top is gone as well, it was a bit cruel.

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