Holding pattern

I’ve moved into my garrett. I do love it, though it is very squooshy. The dog likes it.
My computer keeps telling me that my disk is nearly full. Given the events of last time, I know that I shoud be taking this more seriously than I am.

Our boys are allowed two hours of computer time on the weekend (altogether not two hours each). We have been shaped. These last two are directly related. I’m trying to refuse to go to unlimited broadband.

There is much more interesting stuff involving domestic conflict directly related to the Christmas Pageant, the moustache and the iceberg roses and I will tell you more about all that later, but for now, I really must work.

If, unlike me, you would like to offer the mister some support in his fundraising efforts, let me know and I’ll email you the link where you can make online donations. Honestly!

And finally: at the suggestion of fern: anyone want to buy an iceberg rose bush (there’s six in all, I think)?

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  1. Oh indeed. Really only bumbledore could have distracted me.

    On another note — should I go to the whiteness conference in Adelaide, mid-December? Adelaide friend wants me to go but it is (a) hidjusly expensive and (b) on ‘whiteness’, which just seems ominous, given my present daily interface (y,know, there’s only so much mea culpa one individual can cope with in a life time).

    On other hand, would be excuse to go to Adelaide, which I have after all
    been looking for for some time…(sorry about the repeated ‘for’).

  2. We enjoy 2 wonderful weeks of broadband each month and then we “get shaped” for the next 2 ugly, mean and nasty weeks. I am resisting the push to move away from unlimited – the possibility of what “they” might run up in charges terrifies me and my Visa.

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