Oddly enough, his belief in her is unwavering

So, this time, the tooth fairy remembered to come (that very night); she found the note; she did not leave a return note saying that she try again tomorrow when the room was a bit less messy; she made no judgements about how the cash should be spent; she left the right amount without asking that the child leave some change for which she would return; and it was generally all round the best job she’s ever done in this place. Except she forgot to take the tooth.

There’s probably only two teeth left of the ones that are supposed to fall out. She should be able to get it right at least once.

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  1. I’ve started to get a bit worried about the tooth fairy to be honest. I’m concerned that she seems pretty flakey all the way from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne. I’ve never heard of a family who got good service and I have started to wonder if perhaps she’s overworked since the restructuring.

    1. Oh, for sure, she’s the most unreliable one out of the lot of them. Always has been as far as I can remember. That’s part of her charm, I think.

  2. I don’t think the tooth fairy ever got it right in this house, not even with 3 kids to practice on! By the last few teeth the kids had taken to yelling “Mum, my tooth fell out, where’s your purse?”

  3. Terry Pratchett had a fair bit to say about tooth fairies. Mostly along the lines that they were honest girls working hard and hoping for better things.

  4. I have three teeth in the pantry individually labeled with date and place of losing. I have a horrible feeling that somewhere in my future is an irate second child wanting evidence that her teeth were kept so carefully.

    Generally the tooth fairy around here remembers. She in particular remembers another mother saying how the first tooth lost caught her by surprise and the tooth fairy only had $5 and now that is the expected rate. This has led to much gnashing of teeth subsequently when the tooth fairy has only turned up with a gold coin.

    1. It seems a lot, but I feel the tooth fairy has to leave enough money that the child has more purchasing choices than simply lollies. Anything under five bucks is either sugary shit or plastic shit of which there is more than enough even in the house of a family that never buys ‘happy’ meals.

  5. HEH, Helen. Imagine my astonishment when ours were brought out by 20 year old leaving home.

  6. Older child is allowed to spend tooth fairy money at the school canteen which has a pretty good healthy food focus *ahem* much better than he gets at home*ahem* so the Tooth Fairy doesn’t worry too much. He does get pocket money which he occassionally splashes out with. Although we always ask him why he wants whatever it is and what it is and if he can’t answer we advise him to reconsider.

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