Not always a catastrophe

I have just done a bit of medical self-diagnosis via internet, only to discover there is nothing wrong with me.

I wonder whether I should make an appointment with my doctor just to let her know.

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  1. The flip side is paying too much notice to what you read on the internet. A friend who’s just been through hip replacement surgery, feared her recovery wasn’t as quick as perhaps it should be so consulted the net for other experiences. ‘Oh yes, I was free of pain within a week’ someone wrote, and ‘I didn’t have any problems with the exercises the physio set me’ spruked another…. Poor thing, that really set her spirits at a low ebb for a bit. [But now she’s fine].

  2. Yeah, do it. And make her wait an hour before you tell her and then charge her enough to buy a set of tires for your car. Hah!

    1. I have astonished even myself in this regard…I have not blogged the extraordinarily long list of diseases and conditions with which I have previously (mis)diagnosed myself.

  3. You must be the only person to diagnose yourself with nothing. You could write an article about it for a medical journal. Very original research.

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