No wonder I’m not rich and famous

I know you already know this, but the new 90210 is a bit shit.

I was particularly excited about the promised Linda Gray moment, who, I think we can agree, is about the best thing to come out of the eighties. It was a disappointingly fleeting moment though. Available on youtube here, but not worth embedding, even if you do know how to embed which, we all know, I now do.

Still, I think I’ll watch 90210 until it’s cancelled. Which should mean I only waste another one or two hours of my life.

Anyway, what are you doing reading this rubbish? I’m sure you’ve got dishes to finish.

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  1. Yes the dishes are waiting in the sink to ambush me. They’re soaking, honestly.

    What’s with the too skinny to be in anyway healthy chick? Are they all like that? Someone needs to feed her a biscuit.

  2. Nope, eldest son just dried them and now he’s making silly noises. I feel ambushed, I think we will go for a walk.
    I wasted about thirty two minutes of my life this afternoon watching a DVD about Paris. That was rather nice.

  3. you’re right, I should go and put away the dishes etc & etc. Haven’t seen the new 90210 but I lurved the old. heaps. maybe I should get cracking on it before I miss my chance..

  4. Yeah, it really was shit but I couldn’t turn away … until the end of ep 1. I turned it off quickly before ep 2 could start. Yes, that girl is supposed to be, I think, V2 of Mischa Barton from The OC (she looks like a carbon copy), who put on some healthy weight after that show was cancelled. Not that I know all about trash TV or anything …

    I had forgotten about all the earnest sermonising and rapid-fire personal journeys of teen drama. Like how the whole place sucked at the beginning of the show, and by the end it, like, didn’t suck at all.

    Ok, it really was funny though at the beginning when they had an Andrea Zuckerman double reading the news on the high school station and one of the kids said ‘what is she, like 30?’ It made me laugh.

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